Bought oil, always have plenty on automatic delivery. Any issues with the system and they are right there any time. Bought a new system form them 3 years ago. Always pleasant on the phone and in person.

Boyd Kronholm

Jessica was absolutely fantastic to work with, I called to inquire about setting up new service and she was knowledgeable and helpful with all of my questions. I am so grateful to have received such wonderful customer service!

Miranda Richards

Regular service has always been good, friendly drivers and staff always available for questions and special requests. But the real difference is when you have something that's not routine - like a propane leak or your tank is on empty unexpectedly - and they have someone at your house within in hour AND they fix the problem and also check every contingency to be sure they fixed the problem for sure. Highly recommend and thankful for their speedy service and caring about their customers!

Nina Hollon

We chose D A Pearson 8 hears ago when we moved to Veazie. The previous owner used a large statewide company. After checking out prices, we found that Pearson was very competitive and have used them ever since. We have an annual service plan that provides peace of mind for our older furnace. Our experience with office staff and technicians has been excellent, always professional and courteous. We are moving out of their service area and will miss this local company. We highly recommend them to you.

Charles Osgood

Friendly reception, reliable delivery of fuel.


These comments i am reading do notsound like Heidi and Mike at all. When I lived in Maine these people were the best. Weather it be 100 gallons for my home or 10 gallons for my dozer they were always there and took care of me with a smile. Love these people

derek cosette

We get our oil and are on auto delivery so we never have to worry about it and they have never let us run out or even get down to half a tank. Great service and nice office staff.

Shane B

The folks at D A Pearson were extremely helpful and always friendly and expeditious. Prices for repairs are very fair.

Jan Currier